Frequently Asked Questions


How long after submitting a Life Policy Check does it take to receive responses?

You can expect to start receiving responses via mail from life insurance companies within a week to two weeks after completing the Life Policy Check secure information submission.

What do you do with the information submitted to Life Policy Check?

The deceased’s information requested is required by insurance companies to perform an accurate search of their records. The notification letters Life Policy Check sends on your behalf contain the deceased’s information and only the survivor’s (or attorney’s) name, relationship to the deceased, and mailing address for written responses.

As the survivor (or attorney), will my phone number and email address be sent to all of the insurance companies being notified?

No. Your mailing address is the only contact information included in the notification letters we send to the life insurance companies. This is to insure you receive written responses as well as prevent your phone number and email address from being sent to hundreds of companies. Your phone number and email address are only for direct communications from Life Policy Check.

Are there other resources out there to check for lost life insurance?

Yes, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners now offers a life insurance policy locator tool as a result of the many lawsuits brought against life insurers by States in recent years. This is an excellent step in the right direction and we are glad it exists, however the service is limited only to “insurance companies participating on a voluntary basis.” Thus, the NAIC service is very limited in scope, as it includes only those select few life insurance companies which choose to participate. Further, the NAIC will not reveal the identities of those companies. It is certain that a great many policies will remain undiscovered by relying upon the NAIC resource.

Life Policy Check is a far more thorough service. Our notifications actively force it upon the top 100 life insurance companies in each of the individual 50 United States plus Washington D.C. to complete their due diligence and search their records after being notified of the passing of the deceased. Unlike the NAIC service mentioned above, life insurance companies are not able to opt out of our service provided on your behalf.

I am an attorney submitting a Life Policy Check on behalf of my client, are the responses from the insurance companies able to be mailed to my office instead of my client’s mailing address?

Yes. Simply select your relationship as appropriate from the drop down menu during check out and provide the mailing address for your office on the secure information submission form emailed to you immediately after checkout.

Am I able to pay for the Life Policy Check service out of the deceased’s estate via check instead of the online payment checkout?

Certainly, if that is easier for you. You can complete the form linked here and mail it along with a check made payable to Life Policy Check at:

Life Policy Check LLC
P.O. Box 7092
Arlington, VA 22207