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Partner with Life Policy Check today to help your clients find unclaimed life insurance policies.


Performing a Check for Your Client is Easy.


Request Your Secure Link

Click the button above to receive a secure link by email. When you’re ready, complete the form we send you and submit the Life Policy Check on behalf of your client. That’s all you have to do, we take it from there.

We Contact Companies

We then contact the top 100 life insurance companies in each of the 50 United States plus Washington D.C. on your behalf to notify them of the passing of the deceased. Once notified they must search their records.

Client Receives Responses

If a life insurance policy or annuity is found, the holding life insurance company will have to initiate the claims process and the funds will be paid to the beneficiaries as the deceased originally intended.


Check the Mail

After the Life Policy Check is submitted your firm or your client can expect to receive letters from companies via the USPS confirming whether or not a policy exists.


Life Policy Check

Be confident in your search.


Find lost and unclaimed life insurance for your clients.

60 Minutes Investigates

Audits of leading life insurance companies have uncovered a systematic, industry-wide practice of not paying significant numbers of beneficiaries. Read the full story here.


Success Stories

“I was referred to Life Policy Check by another estate attorney and could not be happier with the service. The very first time my law practice used Life Policy Check for a client’s family we found two unknown life insurance policies totaling $12,810! As you can imagine, the family was very pleased by this news. Life Policy Check is very easy to use and helps me search much more comprehensively for outstanding assets: the service covers all fifty states and contacts hundreds of life insurance companies. I recommend Life Policy Check as a valuable tool for other law firms or to families who have recently had a loved one pass.”

Mike H. Doherty, PLLC  Attorney at Law

Mike H. Doherty, PLLC
Attorney at Law

Shelley Skinner  Arlington, VA

Shelley Skinner
Arlington, VA

“After my father passed away unexpectedly, I had no idea what needed to be done or how to go about making arrangements. I wasn’t sure if he had a life insurance policy to help pay for the funeral even after sorting through stacks of old paperwork. Thankfully, I was introduced to Life Policy Check by a close friend. They helped me locate a modest final expenses life insurance policy that I never would have found otherwise. I was also very impressed by the thoroughness and sheer number of written responses I received from life insurance companies! I highly recommend Life Policy Check!”


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