Our Story

When Life Policy Check’s founder, Robert, lost his grandfather two years ago he navigated for the first time the complicated maze of arranging final affairs for a family member.

One of Robert’s responsibilities was to track down a life insurance policy that his grandmother, JoAnn, thought existed but could not locate.

After searching through stack after stack of old paperwork to no avail, Robert discovered the only way to find the missing policy was to contact each individual life insurance company in Virginia and North Carolina to ask if they held a policy on his grandfather. This was a seemingly insurmountable task!


But Robert realized the time and effort he spent contacting these life insurance companies for his grandmother could help other families who have lost a loved one. He could help families find the lost life insurance owed to them instead of letting the companies continue to wrongfully hold onto the unclaimed life insurance benefits.

He spent the next year building Life Policy Check, which would go on to help families recover unclaimed life insurance policies from the top 100 life insurance companies in each of the fifty states and Washington D.C.

Today the Life Policy Check team helps families across the country check for lost or unclaimed life insurance policies and find what may be left behind.